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Water Blasting Can Bring Your Property Back To Life.

In addition to our standard house washing services AWL also provide general water blasting services to property owners throughout the greater Auckland area.

With the correct know-how and equipment, water blasting can transform any area from being dull and dreary and bring it life, making the whole area bright, fresh and inviting.

Water blasting is an effective and efficient way to clean up a wide variety of things around the home and when done correctly, you’ll be amazed at the results. On the other hand, when done incorrectly or in the hands of the wrong person, the results can be heart breaking.

One of the biggest mistakes we see home owners make when hiring a water blasting company, is not checking references or asking for proof that the company or person they’re thinking of hiring actually knows what they are doing.

Unfortunately, our industry is one of those which is not regulated which of course means that anyone with the desire and the money can go out and buy a water blaster and call themselves a house washing company. Always, always ask for references before allowing anyone near your precious home with a water blaster.


When Water Blasting Goes Wrong.

The picture below was taken after we received a frantic call from a home owner who paid a competitor company to wash her front deck.

As you can see, the result is not what you’d expect or want to come home to. The lines that you can see clearly show that the person who did this has no experience with working with timber surfaces.

water blasting gone wrong 02

This is a classic example of why it is important to ensure you hire the right Company
when it comes to water blasting your decks.


The worst part about this story was that the individual responsible insisted on payment before he would leave the property, which to me, simply added insult to injury. Below you can see the same deck from a different angle and judging by the width of the marks left behind, I’d say these were done with a domestic machine.


water blasting gone wrong

Classic example of water blasting gone wrong. Here you can clearly see the lines left in the timber by an inexperienced operator. Luckily we were able to correct the mistakes made by another company. Needless to say the customer was very pleased she called us in.


The good news is, we were able to completely re-wash the deck and get rid of all those unsightly lines and imperfections. It took some time but by the time we had finished it looked as good as new.

Water Blasting – The AWL Way

As with everything that we do, there is a simple philosophy of doing it right first time – every time. Each job has to be evaluated on its own merits which is why we will not supply quotes over the phone. Depending on the area to be cleaned, the materials and the level of ingrained dirt, grease, grime or mold will determine the methods and equipment we will employ to give our clients the best possible result.