Water Blasting Auckland – What To Look For?

When it comes to water blasting Auckland has it’s fair share of competition.

So to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your property there are several things that you should take into consideration.

Here are some of the points that you should look for if you are searching for a company that provides quality water blasting in Auckland.

Water blasting Auckland properties is not a ‘one-size fits all’ type of deal. The reason for that should be obvious, there are so many different styles of buildings and different materials that need to be factored into the decision making process.


Water Blasting Auckland Methodologies

Wash Methods – Due to the wide variety of materials used in the Auckland construction industry, water blasting companies need to be proficient in a vast array of washing methods. The good companies will be able to offer and advise their customers on a number of different types of washes. This is very important for several reasons, the main one being that certain wash methods are not suitable for certain properties.

Water Blasting Auckland Experience

Experience – Water blasting Auckland wide exposes operators to all sorts of interesting challenges and anyone whose been in the industry for a while will have gained a lot of experience across the full range of properties Auckland has to throw at them. Experience is essential for tackling some of the more complex jobs and very important for you, the potential client, as you certainly wont be wanting to put your faith in inexperienced staff.

water blasting Auckland step ladder water blasting auckland extn ladderEquipment – Once you have identified the water blasting companies to request quotes from, you may want to take note of the equipment that they own. As mentioned earlier, water blasting Auckland properties necessitates the need for a variety of equipment. The company you choose should own their own commercial grade equipment, not be leasing it and they should have extension ladders for accessing high points, step ladders, garden hoses, a variety of different lances along with various nozzles. If the companies you choose to quote for you appear hesitant to explain what equipment they will need to use for your job or if they state that they intend to lease the equipment, then you should probably be looking elsewhere.

water blasting Auckland Properties

Water Blasting Auckland – This property required the operator to be competent in working with vertical cedar, painted block work, decking timber and long run steel.

Technique – This is another area that you should be looking into. Ask the company to explain the techniques they use for their water blasting processes. Again, a good company will be able to provide plenty of information and explanation about the different techniques that they will be using. Working on vertical cedar is not the same as washing a timber deck or fence. While there are similarities in the process the actual techniques is different and the secrets are in the detail.

Know exactly what your expectations are and then find the company that best represent themselves to match your needs.


House Wash on Rural Estate

Executive Property01 - complete house wash

We performed a complete house wash on this executive property in Drury.


Rural Estate Gets Executive House Wash

A magnificent property situated on 5 acres just on the outskirts of Drury in Auckland. The owner initially called us to  inquire about  a Gutter Clean-Out  so we arranged a suitable time to visit the property.

Upon arrival we were immediately impressed with the immaculate presentation of the property. The lawns perfectly manicured and the gardens looked more like a picture perfect painting with not a weed in sight.

You can see clearly that this home owner takes a lot of pride in maintaining the property.

As we wandered around the property, we pointed out a few areas where the house itself was starting to show signs of mold and mildew building up. Mainly in areas where the house doesn’t get a lot of sunshine. The owner explained that he was reluctant to use a house wash company to maintain the house due to the fact that the last time he did so, the chemicals they used, killed many of their plants including his wife’s beloved herb garden.

After explaining exactly how we would tackle the project and what detergents we use, he was more than happy to give us the opportunity to undertake a full house wash, gutter clean-out and restore all the decks on the property.

Chemical Free House Wash

The thing that sold him was the fact that we do not use any harsh chemicals during our standard house wash process. Instead we use a bio-degradable citrus which has been fully tested and certified as ‘marine safe’ and as gentle as you can get.

Using this product in conjunction with a couple of other equally safe detergents means we have to work a lot harder than the traditional chemical house wash companies but  the end results we achieve are well worth the extra effort.

In addition to needing to take care of the gardens on this property we also had to ensure the safety of the large number of  birds in the huge outdoor aviary.

My wife took so many photo’s of this job so I’ve put together just a few of them to give you an idea of what an amazing property this really is.

  • rural house wash
  • house wash - courtyard
  • house wash - pergola before
  • house wash - pergola before 01
  • house wash - deck after 01
  • house wash - deck before
  • house wash - deck before 02
  • house wash - deck after
  • house wash - deck before 01
  • house wash - deck during
  • house wash - during
rural house wash1 house wash - courtyard2 house wash - pergola before3 house wash - pergola before 014 house wash - deck after 015 house wash - deck before6 house wash - deck before 027 house wash - deck after8 house wash - deck before 019 house wash - deck during10 house wash - during11
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