Gutter Cleaning in Auckland

Gutter Cleaning is one of those home maintenance chores that no-body really likes doing. It can be very messy, time consuming and in some cases even dangerous. We have the equipment, know-how and safety gear to handle it for you.

When neglected, blocked gutter systems can result in serious damage to your home and lead to very expensive repair bills.


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Gutter Cleaning in Auckland is one of the necessary rituals of property maintenance.


Gutter Cleaning Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!


gutter cleaning gone wrong

Gutter Cleaning is risky and should not be attempted by untrained individuals.

Gutter cleaning is a hazardous job at the best of times, but if you don’t have the right equipment to handle the task, then the risks are even greater. Year after year there are countless accidents when people fall of the roofs of their homes or from the top of ladders. Many of those accidents involved attempted gutter cleaning and could have been avoided simply by hiring appropriate professionals.

People are often surprised to see just what is in their gutters and how quickly spouting can become blocked.

Often the problem is not detected until water starts overflowing out of the spouting or worse, overflows back into the house and finding it’s way through into the roof cavity and eventually coming out through light fittings and down the internal walls.

Over time dirt, debris, leaves and moss builds up in your gutters severely restricting the water flow.

This usually leads to pooling and in severe cases can cause plastic gutters to twist and break free of their fastenings. Repairing gutters is a lot more expensive than having them checked and flushed regularly.


 The Department of Building and Housing recommends that;

Guttering and spouting need to be cleaned out at least once a year as
leaves can easily collect and block them.


If you have internal gutters, manufacturers recommend gutter cleaning twice yearly to avoid the risk of water overflowing internally with this system!


Gutter cleaning not done can lead to health issues.

You could be drinking this water. Gutter cleaning will help maintain your health.

Do you rely on rain water for drinking?

Dirty gutters can fill your tank with debris, dirt, moss
and a variety of other things we won’t mention which can
dramatically affect the quality of the water you drink.

Gutter cleaning is essential for eliminating the risk
of damage to your home and the threat of illness
due to contaminated water supply.


AWL provides a premium gutter cleaning service which will leave your gutters working efficiently and looking like new.

Debris is first removed by hand, then we wash the inside and the outside, flush all down pipes, followed by a water flow test.



gutter cleaning empty

Final result following an AWL Gutter Cleaning Service and water flow test.


For total peace of mind, take advantage of our gutter cleaning service today by calling 0800-259-468 or send us a message on our contact page for a free no-obligation quote.


Gutter cleaning can be added

to any of our other services for a combined discount.


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