Fencing – Care For Your Timber

Timber Fencing is probably one of the most overlooked components on many properties here in Auckland. Thousands of dollars are invested each year in the construction of boundary fencing and they look absolutely stunning…, at first, but over time the beauty begins to fade and the gunge settles in and unfortunately the timber begins to rot away.

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There is nothing more appealing than the look of fresh timber whether it be fencing, decking or a well placed pergola but when left unattended and exposed to the elements, they can quickly become discoloured, unsightly and potentially dangerous.

Anyone who has ever stumbled down a wet set of dirty wooden steps in the dark will know exactly what I mean.


Fencing when cleaned has the effect of lifting the entire profile of the property.

Remove Moss, Mold and Lichens From Your Fencing 

Step one in restoring your fencing is our comprehensive cleaning process.  All fencing and trellis can be washed using our simple environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

Our cleaning process will remove all dirt & mildew and also remove graying which is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. We wash all surfaces using commercial water blasting equipment set at a low PSI and special wide-span, soft wash nozzles to protect the surface area of the fencing timber.

This process will effectively remove all moss, gunge and lichens while at the same time killing any mould spores within the timber.  Stubborn stains may require a second attempt and in severe cases we may need to resort to a harsher cleaning process to get the best possible result.

When the cleaning process is completed, you have the choice to either leave your fencing in this ‘as new’ condition, or you can choose to paint or stain the timber to further protect it. If you decide to leave it, ‘as new’ understand that it will begin to turn gray again within around 6 -12 months because the surface is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Maintain Your Fencing

Regular maintenance of your fencing timber is important. Painted fences should be cleaned at least every couple of years to keep them looking great and to protect against deterioration.

Unpainted fencing timber needs regular attention to prevent the onset of moss, molds and lichens which, if left to grow, will eventually lead to rotting and will need to be replaced. Different wood types and different finishes require different maintenance programs but in general most fencing materials require maintenance every couple of years.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your expensive fencing is well protected and will continue to provide protection, privacy and style to your home for many years.

AWL has perfected a cleaning and maintenance programme for all types of fencing materials and we’d be happy to discuss your particular requirements. We’re only ever a phone call away.